Privacy Policy

At, we are committed to your privacy and have a very simple privacy policy:

  • We will not sell your personal information to any 3rd parties.
  • None of the information you provide in our online forms will be communicated to anyone except as necessary and authorized by you in relation to exercising 3rd party warranties on parts purchased by you, or as legally required by court order.
  • We we will store your information securely:
    • Currently all data from our website’s quote requests, surveys, and other forms is securely stored at
  • We will only use your personal information to contact you about products and services offered by Brakes and Beyond.
  • We will use your vehicle information to provide you with products and services for your vehicle(s).
  • We will aggregate only general vehicle information (ex. Year, Make, Model) with other data for the purpose of improving Brakes and Beyond’s services and offerings.

Search, Display, and Remarketing Advertising Policy

Brakes and Beyond uses various forms of online advertising including paid search advertising, display advertising, remarketing advertising guided by online marketing analytics.

Search Advertising:  Search advertising means when you search for a keyword or phrase like “auto repair” in Google or Bing or some other search engine you end up seeing both organic search results (non-paid) and paid advertising.  If you search from within our geographical service area for one of the keywords we use in paid advertising, you may well see one of our ads.  It is quite likely that you originally found us on the web by performing a keyword web search and GoogleAdwords or a similar service showed you our ad.

Display Advertising:  We also advertise using display advertising so you might also see one of our ads if you visit a website that shows paid ads and has some of our keywords on their page.  For example while reading a Yahoo news article mentioning “brakes” you may see one of our ads.

Remarketing Advertising:  We also sometimes use the remarketing or interest-based features offered by online search and advertising services such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.  In remarketing the online advertising companies use cookies to track which websites, ads, etc. you visit.  Later they may show you again an ad that you clicked on before, or another ad from a website that you visited before.  So after you click on one of our ads or visit our website, you may see one of our ads again later when you are visiting another website that offers advertising from one of these services.  You can turn off cookies in your browser if you don’t want the online advertising companies to track your website visits and show you remarketing ads. The information stored in the cookies from the online advertising companies is limited and will be used only in accordance with our privacy policy and their privacy policies.

Online Marketing Analytics:  We may also use the marketing analytics services provided by Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other online advertising services.  When you sign up as a user of one of these services you are prompted to provide information like age and gender, as well as your interests.  These services then use this information to help advertisers like us know the demographics of the people visiting our website.  They don’t give us detailed individual information like names or addresses, rather they show us figures and graphs to understand how many males, females, people of different age groups, and people different geographical regions have visited our website.  All of the major online advertising companies offer either ad settings or opt out choices, so if you have a Google account or an account from a similar service you can look for their ad settings in your account settings and tell them what you do and don’t want them to share about you.  For example with a Google Account you can change your Ad Settings or Opt Out Completely on the Google Ad Settings page.


Brakes and Beyond welcomes your feedback on our privacy policy, so please feel free to leave a message, if you have comments or questions about our online privacy policy or practices.