Learn About Your Car

Cars are made up of many components which work together in systems. In this category you will find articles through which you can learn about automotive systems, their component parts, problems that arise, and how to keep them working properly. These articles will help you understand various sounds, smells, and other sensible signs of wear or malfunction, as well as how Brakes and Beyond can help by making repairs to restore your car to its normal ride and intended performance.

Broken or worn coil springs constitute a major compromise in a vehicle’s suspension system.

Did you know that your car rests on a set of four large coil springs? Your car rides on springs much like those on a pogo stick.  That’s right. Your car rides on coil springs, so with regard to suspension its more like riding a pogo stick than a riding […]

Picture of a very large spring. A car's suspension springs must be very large to support the weight of the vehicle and its cargo.

Learn About Brake Shims

Learn About Brake Shims Did you know that all automotive brakes make noise, but some less than others because of brake shim technology?  All automotive brakes make noise, but some are quieter than others.  One  key brake component that is designed to dampen normal brake sounds is the brake shim.  When you buy […]

How Shock Absorbers are Made – Video

How are shock absorbers made? As sellers and professional installers of shock absorbers, understanding how shock absorbers are manufactured is important to us. Ever wonder how shock absorbers are made? Watch this video from the science channel to learn how: If you need new shocks, Brakes and Beyond is ready to […]

Squealing brakes? What to do when you hear unusual brake sounds ?

Brake Sounds We all know that high pitched squeal that sends shivers down the spine and attracts unwanted glares at as our brakes bring our car to a halt at a stoplight. Brakes have a way of making themselves known with unusual brake sounds when they are in need of […]

Do My Struts Need To Be Changed?

We’ve all been to the repair shop for a routine oil change and walked out with an estimate for thousands of dollars worth of repairs. Of course, the question in all our minds when this happens is “what of this stuff really needs to be done?”. Well, if your struts […]